What would be the most dizzying crossover in Hollywood history? without a doubt a fusion of the Fast & Furious sagas and top gun they would test any speedometer and, incidentally, the adrenaline levels of the public.

Since each franchise belongs to a different study (Universal and Paramount, respectively) such a project only belongs to the field of dreams, but now we also have an image to enliven them.

In it, we find the very Maverick and Dominic Toretto sharing universe. Well, and it’s also ludacris, in charge of interpreting Tej in the saga Fast & Furious. Vin Diesel He has uploaded said photo to his Instagram profile, taken last weekend during the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, where this stellar trio met as an audience.

“Maverick meets Toretto,” Diesel captioned the photo, knowing that the idea of ​​a crossover top gun + fast & furious could firmly shake the pillars of Hollywood and the internet. At the moment, the tenth installment of the saga, fast & furious X, It will hit theaters around the world on May 19 without Tom Cruise, but with notable additions such as Brie Larson and Jason Momoa, plus the return of the usual members of the fast and furious family.

Yes, the family F&F She was not the only one with whom Cruise spent time during the race, as the actor in the saga Mission Impossible shared box with Shakira and his sons. In addition, she went down to the foot of the track and talked with the members of the team Mercedes, as collected by the cameras present at the Hard Rock Stadium, where the race was held.

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