Mau Nieto assured that he does not have to buy pans because he is unemployed after a complaint of sexual abuse

The famous asked his followers to recommend pans (Photo: Ig manieto)

ma grandson is a comedian who recently was involved in great controversy, as he was accused of sexually abusing of some women. Given this, the standup has not remained silent and recently appeared on social networks to point out that currently unemployed.

It was from your account Instagram where Nieto asked his followers to recommend some cheap pans, since his were no longer working optimally.

“Hey, recommend me those pans that don’t stick the egg, because the pans are already well cooked. Right now Karla and I are on a diet, I was going to make a joke about the name of the diet, but Sofía was going to scold me… we started on a diet without butter or oil and my pans stick well, it’s a pain to wash them, because they stick to the v*rga “he began to say.

In this sense, the comedian asked his fans to tell him about some good brands, but he stressed that they should not have very high prices, since right now he is not in a position to pay for them.

Mau Nieto was accused of sexual abuse (Photo: Instagram/@Maunieto)
Mau Nieto was accused of sexual abuse (Photo: Instagram/@Maunieto)

Preferably don’t go to mam * r recommending me very expensive pans because right now I’m unemployed, better something like half a cheek.

It should be remembered that it was on August 30, when Mau Nieto uploaded a video on social networks in which he not only denied all the accusations of sexual abuse against him, but also warned about a complaint filed towards the woman who pointed it out.

“Yesterday (August 29) I exercised my right to defend myself and I filed a lawsuit against the person who accused me of false facts on their social networks, I hope that justice is done just as all the people mentioned it on social networks”, he said in the clip that is still on his account. Instagram.

Likewise, Mauricio remarked that the whole situation shook his life on several levels and delved into the fact that, despite the fact that his public image and comedy has always been aimed at party content or excess, that did not mean that he was a “bad person”.

Mau Nieto filed a lawsuit against one of the complainants (Photo: IG manieto)
Mau Nieto filed a lawsuit against one of the complainants (Photo: IG manieto)

Not only emotionally and socially, but there has already been effects and repercussions in a labor manner (…)one thing is my lifestyle and another very different thing is that I am accused of being an abuser that I am not. What we cannot allow is that cancellations or judgments be made on social networks without any type of proof or support, because if what we want is to talk about justice, we must look for the institutions in charge of judging the acts of people, not on social networks.

The complaint against Mau Nieto

The producer and standup artist, Melissa Yamel, turned to her account a few weeks ago Twitter to narrate the situation of sexual abuse that he allegedly experienced at the hands of Mau Nieto a few years ago.

The young woman uncovered that the abuse would have occurred in 2018, in the Woko Comedy Club forum, recently closed, and that it was characterized as a space dedicated to the so-called “stand up comedy”.

According to the young woman, the 36-year-old man, who also participated in the reality show lol, he alcoholized her to be able to abuse heran act that would have occurred in the bathroom of the establishment.


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