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Massive fall of services: Google, Spotify, YouTube, among those affected

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, the multi-platform crashamong which stood out Google and Spotify. As on previous occasions, users went to Twitter to verify that it was not their Internet and make memes.


In accordance with Down Detector, site that collects information on the real-time operation of multiple platforms, Gmail, Google Duo, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Play and YouTube were also affectedall of the above, Google services.

However, it also indicates that there are flaws in Telmex, Megacable, Telcel, Totalplay and Izzi, that is, services that distribute the Internet to users so that they can browse.


Yes OK DownDetector is a reliable site on the measurement of errors in all types of platforms worldwide, it collects error reports, that is, it is possible that it is a failure of Internet services and not of platforms such as Google and Spotify.

Until the time of publication of this note, neither the platforms nor the Internet services have given a report on the status of their service, so it is uncertain who is responsible for this afternoon’s massive drop.


Information in development…

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