Masayuki Uemura, one of the creators of the NES and Super Nintendo, passes away

Japanese media reported Masayuki Uemura passing on December 9. It is one of the personalities of Nintendo which made industry history with its development on the NES and Super Nintendo consoles.

His approach to the Japanese company was in 1972, the date on which he was seeking to use the solar cell batteries that he manufactured at Sharp Corporation. Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of Game & Watch and Game Boy, recommended using this technology for new products.


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In 1973, the Laser Clay Shooting System would be launched, which would lead to the technology for Duck Hunt, a title that was launched in 1976. Masayuki Uemura later took over the leadership of the development research division.

His goal was to create a console that can be connected to a television and thus bring popular arcade video games into the homes of Japanese gamers. In 1983, Nintendo enabled the purchase of its first 8-bit system with interchangeable cartridges and it would completely change the industry.

He worked for the company until 2004, when he held the position of advisor to Nintendo’s research department. In turn, he worked as a professor at Ritsumeikan University, where he taught research in the video game industry.

Before retiring in 2004, Uemura also helped develop sports such as ice climbing, kilo kway, football, baseball and golf. While still a retired R&D consultant, Yumura Kyoto worked as a professor at Ritsmeikan University in Japan and taught the development of video games to the next generation of innovators.


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It is no exaggeration to say that Nintendo – and the world of video games – would have been so different today if we had not taken advantage of Masayuk Uemura’s great help. Everyone at Nintendo Life wants to convey their sincere thoughts to friends and family at Uemura’s.

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