Marvel will publish a book with the official chronology of the MCU

In 2012, when it was released The Avengers, he Marvel Cinematic Universe It seemed like a risky venture gone well. 11 years later, with 31 movies and 21 series on his resume, that adventure has turned into something as labyrinthine (or almost) as its predecessor in cartoons. So, it doesn’t hurt to help the viewer.

Edited by D.K. in United States, The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline It is the book in which the Casa de las Ideas writes down the official chronology of its universe. That is to say, that it comes to fulfill for the cinema the same function that The Marvel Character Encyclopedia and other reference billets for comics.

On its official website, the study ensures that the volume has the approval of Kevin Feige (which, after all, is the one who decides all this) and which is signed by “three MCU experts” to answer the three big questions from fans: “What happened, when and where”.

In this way, if the viewing of Falcon and the Winter Soldier either secret invasion it was uphill for you, and you have 50 dollars (45.93 euros) to spend, you can order the book at Amazon, where its presale is already available.

In Marvel comics, there has never been a lack of volumes destined to record the history of superheroes and supervillains, list their characters and provide unity to what is still the work of dozens of writers, each on their own. However, the weight of decades of continuity ends up turning most of these efforts into relics. Will the same thing happen with this encyclopedia?

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