Marvel: Vision Might Get Its Own Series on Disney+; know more! (rumor)

A new rumor points out that the character Vision, who in the MCU is played by Paul Bettany, may win a series of his own on Disney +. The information not yet made official by Marvel was revealed by journalist Jeff Sneider, known for behind-the-scenes leaks of productions, during the program The Hot Mic.


According to his sources, the project so far is called Vision Quest. Pre-production must begin next week, when a meeting with screenwriters would be scheduled.

Rumor reveals that Marvel would be developing a series centered on VisionSource: WandaVision (Marvel/Reproduction)


In the MCU, Vision appeared in the 2015 film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. He gained more prominence in WandaVisionthe studio’s first series on streaming, centered on the hero alongside Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

In the last episodes of this attraction, it was seen that the character survives, however, in another form. Better known as White Vision, he is last seen leaving Westview — leaving the doors open for a possible return.


In an interview before the EW, Paul Bettany commented on his future in the role. The actor said that he considers the end of Vision in WandaVision as a loose end in the MCU, and highlighted that “Kevin Feige doesn’t allow stories to go unresolved. I believe I should come back at some point, but I still don’t know when that might happen.”

It is worth remembering that, in Marvel comics, White Vision was featured in West Coast Avengers arcs. In the comics, the group is led by Hawkeye, a fact known to actor Jeremy Renner (who plays the hero on screen) and wanted by him to be adapted in the MCU.

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