Marvel fears for Chris Hemsworth’s safety on his new series

Chris Hemsworth, the interpreter of the iconic Thor, is famous for following a rigorous regime of physical training for more than a decade to maintain the sculpted look of the Asgardian on the big screen. Although, your new reality show limitlessfocused on discovering the full potential of the human body, seems to have caused concerns at Marvel Studios about the actor’s safety.


Conceived by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, the series focuses on unlocking the full potential of the human body to fight the aging process, reduce stress and increase strength, prompting Hemsworth to attempt several stunts with potentially deadly dangers.such as swimming in freezing Arctic waters and even walking through a huge crane.

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In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor commented on his training to perform a radical maneuver in Limitless, involving climbing a rope 30 meters high and which ended up leading to an ankle injury, something he considered part of “the bones of the craft”, but Mavel Studios apparently had another opinion.

“I said, great, let’s shoot this before Thor [Amor e Trovão]🇧🇷 But when news came of the injured ankle, Marvel stepped in and said, no. This series can kill you. You can only continue after our movie,” explained the actor.

Is Thor that important to the MCU?


Even with several heroes and heroines being introduced in this new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is worth remembering that the God of Thunder is the only remaining original Avenger, and that he can potentially serve as a leader for the new formation of the group in the next films.

Source: Marvel Studios/Playback

In addition, the feature film sub-franchise starring Thor is still going strong, with Love and Thunder confirming in the post-credits scenes that the Asgardian will return for new adventures.


Therefore, Marvel Studios’ concern for Chris Hemsworth’s safety is understandable, after all, as much as he plays an all-powerful and basically immortal being on the big screen, the new series puts him in really dangerous situations, without stuntmen or special effects serving. as protection.

For those who were curious, Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is available on disney+ starting today, November 16th.

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