Mark Wahlberg is considering leaving acting: “I don’t want to sit and wait for DiCaprio, Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt to reject a movie”

In recent years, the career of Mark Wahlberg He has turned towards the world of production, while his participation in films and series increasingly became more anecdotal through small roles. Now, the American he could be considering his definitive retirement from the world of actingaccording to his latest statements collected in Cigar Aficionado Magazine (via Variety).

“I became a producer out of necessity. I didn’t want to sit and wait for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or Leo[nardo DiCaprio] or any guy at the time would reject a movie so it could end up in my hands“, a hurt Wahlberg has confessed. “I have always been proactive in trying to find material that I could produce. I knew it was the right thing for me. Create my own destiny.”

Mark Wahlberg’s progressive retirement as an actor

His first job as executive producer occurred in 2010 with his participation in the Oscar-winning film The Fighterfor which he was nominated for his second Oscar – this time for best film of the year – after receiving his first nomination in 2007 for best supporting actor for Infiltrators.

“I’m really working harder than ever. Certain businesses you can build, hand over and run away. Fortunately, we’ll see what my kids’ interests are, but I don’t think I’ll be performing much longer at the pace I’m going now.. That’s for sure,” Wahlberg confesses.

Despite these words, the truth is that Wahlberg still has pending the launch of up to five projects, most of them produced by himselfsomething that could precisely demonstrate his exhaustion in the face of an industry that continues to ignore his career as an actor.

In recent months, Wahlberg was behind the production of the series The Golden Boy and will soon star in and produce the titles The Six Billion Dollar Man, The Family Plan and The Unioncoinciding in the latter with Halle Berry and JK Simmons.

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