Mario Kart 9 would be in development “with a new twist”

Nintendo has four projects that many gamers look forward to the second installment of Zelda Breath of the Wild, a new open-world Mario, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2, and a new Mario Kart.

For now, only audiovisual material of the first-mentioned has been shared but little by little details about Mario Kart 9 are leaking, which would be in a state of “active development”.

Japanese insider Dr. Serkan Toto wrote some details of future Nintendo projects for


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“I am aware that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still selling very well on Nintendo Switch, but Mario Kart 9 is in active development,” he detailed regarding the racing title.

For now, the official launch date is not known but he says that the project “could be brought forward” for this year. In turn, he added that a “new twist” is being prepared for the franchise.

What will be the “twist” of Mario Kart?

After these statements, the community began to share some theories about what would be new in the series of racing titles. Some think this is an open-world bet, while others think there could be a car damage system like F1.

As for the twist, we can only speculate on what Nintendo is planning. Dual-passenger cars (Double Dash), gliding (Mario Kart 7), and anti-gravity (Mario Kart 8) have all been included in previous games (Mario Kart 8). If we hear anything more about the game, it will most likely be around E3—if that occurs this year at all.


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Mario Kart 9 appears to be a foregone conclusion, with a major Mario Kart game coming on every Nintendo home platform since 1992.

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