Mar de Regil designed a jacket for Camilo; This is how the Colombian wore it at his CDMX concert

The Colombian showed off the jacket (Photo: IG marderegil._)

Though Regil’s Sea She has not followed in the footsteps of her mother, Bárbara de Regil, in acting. The young woman has started studying to be a fashion designer a few months ago and, on this occasion, she was moved on social networks after Camilo used a jacket that she created for her concert in CDMX.

It was through your account TikTok where the influencer shared a little about how was the opportunity that the artist of Expensive Clothes, Rich Life either Alaska gave.

“I needed to record more process, but I never really thought about how excited I was hahahaha, I leave you this little video that is everything to me”, he placed in the clip that quickly exceeded a million views.

Thus, in the first instance you can see a short video of Camilo greeting the 18-year-old girl: “Hello, Mar, I was thinking of something…”.

Mar de Regil is a fan of Camilo (Photo: IG marderegil._)
Mar de Regil is a fan of Camilo (Photo: IG marderegil._)

Later, another fragment shows the daughter of the actress who gave life to the character of Rosary Scissors crying with excitement at the opportunity in his emerging career. Similarly, the tiktok shows when the fashion student finished the beige jacket with prints for Indigo’s famous dad.

Also, Mar de Regil added the moment when he went to Camilo’s dressing room to deliver the garment and the Colombian is seen very smiling while trying it on.

Finally, the influencer appears once again, while crying during the presentation, because the interpreter used the jacket to open his concert.


I need to record more process but the truth is I never thought about how excited I was hahahaha, I leave you this little video that for me is everything ❤️

♬ Airport – Camilo

Also, from your account InstagramMar shared some photos and was very happy to see one of her outfits on stage.

“I am the happiest, I designed the jacket for @camilo with which he entered his concert in cdmx. I haven’t processed it yet, we LOVE it,” she wrote.

To this, Camilo was quick to react and wrote in the comment box: “Great my Sea, you are tough.”

In the same way, the young woman’s followers did not take long to get excited and also some of her friends from the show business congratulated her.

Camilo used the jacket at his concert (Photo: IG marderegil._)
Camilo used the jacket at his concert (Photo: IG marderegil._)

I’m dying”, placed Azul Guaita; while the influencer Tammy Parra added: “You are a tough one.”

Other comments from users were: “Beautiful, what pride.” “You’re top, sister.” “You will be the best fashion designer, Mar.” “Congratulations Mar, you are at the beginning of your career as a designer and you are already making your way, you will be very successful”, it is nice to see her progress day by day as a great designer”.

It should be remembered that it was last September 7 when Camilo appeared at the Mexico City Arena. In addition, the singer-songwriter, two-time Grammy nominee and five-time Latin Grammy winner, has recently released the long-awaited new album on all digital platforms titled From the inside to the outsideunder the seal Sony Music Latin/Handmade.

After the award-winning albums For the first time and Mis Manos, the talented singer-songwriter and producer delivers From the inside to the outsidethe third studio album and the most personal in the catalogue, which captures and immortalizes a moment of feelings that awoke inside her with the arrival of the first-born, Indigo.


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