Manifest: What is the meaning of Sapphire Omega in Season 4?

With the premiere of the first part of the fourth season of manifestkey answers to the mysteries of Flight 828 begin to emerge.


Desperate to understand their future and the implications of other passengers’ actions, Ben, Michaela, Saanvi and Cal seem increasingly cornered, but their purpose and chances for survival may be in the palm of their hands. After all, what is the Omega Sapphire and what is its importance for everyone’s destiny?

WATCH OUT! The next information contains spoilers for the new episodes of manifest.


As already revealed in the third season, Sapphire Omega has a special connection with passengers. Found in the middle of the ocean after Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) accidentally killed the Major (Elizabeth Marvel), this fragment could be the key to her and the Stones surviving the date of their deaths, even with Angelina, Eagan and Adrian working against them.

It is worth remembering that the body of Kelly Taylor (Julienne Hanzelka Kim), identified moments after the reappearance of the plane, was covered in sapphire and indicated that the consistent injuries had occurred as part of experiments, carried out by the Major, to bring more Calls.


And the Omega Sapphire would play a key role in this “summoning”, as this pure version of the stone, linked to divine consciousness, would have the ability to bring unlimited Calling to compensate for the terrible actions of other passengers.

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With that power in hand, Angelina (Holly Taylor), who stole the artifact from Eagan (Ali Sohaili), tricks Ben (Joshua Dallas) with a false call from his late wife and tries to convince Cal (Ty Doran) through a false version of Grace (Athena Karkanis), to give up fighting cancer.

That’s when your tattoo starts to glow and is filled with Omega Sapphire. Thus, he breaks Angelina’s deceptions and melts the stone fragment in his tormentor’s own hand.


With the apocalypse about to reign in manifestthe surviving passengers will engage in a battle of good versus evil, as they seek to understand how the mysterious stone can help them – hinder them – in their last chance for redemption.

Part 1 of the fourth season of manifest is available on Netflix.

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