Manifest: Netflix Releases First Seven Minutes of Season 4; watch

Netflix revealed this Wednesday (1), on the website Tudum, a teaser with the first seven minutes of the fourth season of manifest.


According to the official synopsis for the new episodes, Grace’s murder has turned the lives of the Stone family upside down and Ben continues to mourn his wife and look for his kidnapped daughter, Eden.

“As the date of death approaches and passengers are desperate for a path to survival, a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal that changes everything they know about Flight 828,” reads the official synopsis.


Check out the first seven minutes of Manifest season four on Netflix’s Tudum website.

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Amid the uncertainties surrounding the series – which was canceled by the original network and saved by Netflix after the fan campaign – creator Jeff Raze confirmed that the end of manifest will remain the same as predicted from the beginning.


“The end of the story will not change. People who have been following our journey since the cancellation know that I was hopeful that we could at least make a two-hour film to wrap up the plot (…) so getting a 20-episode order for the final season is reassuring.” , said in an interview with EW.

“We had talked about doing three more seasons, so we’re going to have to make some adjustments for the next few episodes. The good news is that I’m confident that 20 episodes is enough for me to be able to tell the story I’ve always envisioned.”

It is worth remembering that the season will be divided into two parts: the first will be released on November 4 (next Friday). The first three seasons are available on Netflix.

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