Manifest: mystery about Flight 828 is revealed and surprises fans; check out



Part 1 of season 4 of Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 arrived on Netflix and fans of the series finally found out what happened to the plane.

Escaping the main fan guesses, the answer to the mystery comes with Cal Stone, a key part of the plot. He begins to relive the memory of being on the plane and realizes that they were literally within a divine consciousness.


Among the main theories created to solve the case, a lot was said about time travel and alternate realities, with a take on the series. dark, also from Netflix. However, author Jeff Rake managed to escape this logic and deliver a new and unusual answer.


While we have the answer to the main question, little is known about the details of what happened during the five and a half years that the passengers of Flight 828 were within divine consciousness for now.

The 4th and final season of Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 premiered on Netflix this Friday (04). The conclusion of the drama series has 20 episodes, divided into two parts. The 2nd part premieres on streaming in 2023.

According to Netflix’s official synopsis, the series begins when “a plane mysteriously lands five years after takeoff, leaving passengers to experience the strangeness of returning to a world that went on without them.”

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