Manifest: discover 5 productions similar to the Netflix series

The 4th season of manifest recently landed on Netflix with its first dozen episodes and fans are already eagerly awaiting the last batch of chapters that concludes the saga of the mysterious Flight 828.


As we patiently wait for this plane to land, we separate 5 tips for similar productions for anyone to take “chair tea” in the departure lounge. Check out!

1. travelers

travelers shows the journey of Grant MacLaren, traveler 2468, sent to our present with a team made up of other travelers, whose goal is to prevent the world from collapsing and living an apocalyptic age. To carry out their actions, travelers assume bodies of people from the past who are about to die, thus minimizing possible impacts in the future. travelers is available on Netflix.


two. Under the Dome


Under The Dome takes place in a city surrounded by a gigantic dome. The isolation causes chaos to take over the place and mobilize the residents to fight for their survival while looking for answers about how the structure got there. You can check out the series on Prime Video.

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3. Sense8

Created by the Wachowskis sisters, Sense8 presents the story of a group that is able to connect physically and mentally around the world. Through this ability, the eight ‘sensates’ are able to feel and hear everything each one does, and together they must come together to face an organization that is hunting them. Series available on Netflix.


4. fringe

A darling of the public, the series shows the cases investigated by the fictional division of the FBI, Fring Division, which has agent Olivia Dunham and scientist John Noble at its head. They investigate mysterious and supernatural cases occurring in their universe. Globoplay has all Fringe episodes in its catalog.

5. lost

Of course it couldn’t be missing, could it? Lost is the series that has the most to do with manifest and features the daily lives of survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island. The story of each character is interspersed between pre- and post-accident events and, at all times, inexplicable and mysterious events arise in their lives. As well as fringe, lost is also on GloboPlay.

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