Manelyk González lost his Instagram with 15 million and sent a strong message to Karime on the alternate account

Manelyk lost his Instagram with 15 million and responded to Karime on his alternate account (Photo: Instagram/manelyk_oficial)

Recently, the account Instagram of the former member of Acapulco Shore, Manelyk Gonzalez It was closed for no apparent reason. The influencer had 15 million followers and was verified.

It all started on August 15, when his followers realized that the profile had been deleted. There are two versions that point to the possible cause: the first is a bug of the same platform or a hack.

For her part, Manelyk has a secondary account, where she was upset, confused and expressed not knowing the real reason for the closure, however, she has contacted the platform to return it to her.

“I don’t know what the hell happened either. I think it was Instagram’s mistake or I don’t know if someone played the dog on me, it would be too much. In one way or another I am going to recover it, we are already with everything in it, I think that in a week I will already see them on my original Instagram, “he added.

Manelyk is in the process of recovering his Instagram account (Photo: Instagram/manelyk_oficial)

Manelyk is in the process of recovering his Instagram account (Photo: Instagram/manelyk_oficial)

It should be noted that Manelyk addressed the issue of hate towards her on social networks and stated that there are many people who are traumatized by her. Almost a week has passed since the event, however, there has been no change in the loss of his Instagram.

And it is that this is known because a few hours ago, she launched a strong message towards Karime Pindterher former comadre, in which she showed that the relationship had already fractured more, since she challenged her to tell her face what the problem is and labeled her.

“I would love to know when, where and with whom was the betrayal that Karime is talking about. I really cook the beans to know… Either I have Alzheimer’s, she’s crazy, or she just wants to be on the talk about me. You have my little number, if you have something to tell me and not hang out with mom *** on social networks. But well, if you want to do it that way, we give it, ”she said.

This controversy exploded just a day ago, when Karime shared a video on tik tok in which he made a dynamic of intense questions and there he showed the Instagram accounts.

Manelyk González and Karime Pindter again in rivalry (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)

Manelyk González and Karime Pindter again in rivalry (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)

Among the questions was “her best kiss”, “secret love”, “famous crush” and she was quickly showing the people who were in those answers, however, no one would expect that Manelyk would appear in one.

And it is that in the question “who betrayed me”, the member of Acapulco Shore let see for a few seconds the secondary account of Manelyk González. Fans paused the video at that point and realized that he was indeed talking about her.

The distancing of the “comadres” has been dragging on since 2021, when Mane ended her relationship with Jawy Méndez and while she was participating in the house of the famousshe released some comments regarding Karime.

With Celia Lorathe influencer commented that she was confused and surprised by Pindter’s attitude, since she had been more inclined towards Luis Alejando Méndez , jawy instead of supporting her.

In social networks, fans of Acapulco Shore They had conflicting opinions, as some defended Karime for her actions on the subject, while others sided more with Manelyk.

The contrast was because in the aka shore season 6Jawy was the only one who supported and protected Karime while she was fighting with Manelyk and for that reason it was obvious that she would keep more loyalty to him.

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