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Maluma surprised Latinos in a concert full of technology supported by drones

Last April 30, Maluma performed a historic concert in Medellín, Colombia, which was attended by more than 52 thousand people and could be followed by streaming around the world.


The presentation, which was called “Medal on the Map”, lasted 2 hours 45 minutes and did not skimp on surprises; among them the giant “thank you” that was seen in the sky. The greeting was formed with luminous drones that allowed this closing message to be left in Medellín.

Tens of drones they lined up to form each of the letters that make up the word “thank you”, minutes after Maluma left the stage.


Drones can not only be used to take photos and videos, they have multiple uses, such as helping to leave words engraved in the sky.

These types of devices have been used in different opportunities and contexts to transmit messages and draw the attention of viewers.


It is worth remembering when in 2020 the government of Seoul, South Korea, lit up the sky with hopeful texts to bring hope to the people, who were going through the worst moments of the pandemic. And there are even more novel cases, such as when a gaming company surprised by forming a giant QR code in the sky to download a game on mobile phones. It happened in Shanghai, China and 1,500 aircraft were used.

The final message in the sky was just one of many innovative touches seen at the meeting. Another interesting point was that all the spectators received Led light bracelets that, due to the contrast they made in the environment where dark tones prevailed, resembled a starry sky.

The singer began the recital, which was held in the state of Atanasio Girardot, singing the popular theme Hawaii and was very excited to share that moment in his native country.


At one point during the night, he thanked his people, his people, and spoke of the importance he gave to local success, which served as a kick to the fame that was made globally.

Another interesting detail was that it had a 360-degree central platform that rose and fell. In the central part of the stage there were also giant screens that allowed the recital to be followed from any distance. All this technology allowed us to appreciate every minute of the meeting in detail. To that was added the streaming that could be followed by Twitch and Amazon Prime Video.

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But in addition to technology and innovation, the recital was also highlighted by the participation of Madonna who sang with the Colombian singer.

Sheathed in a pink suit and with two long braids in her hair, they performed “Medellín” together, the song they presented in 2019; and then came the turn of the famous Music theme, released by the American singer in 2000.

The presentation they did together was one of the pearls of the night that stood out the most on social networks and the media that covered the event.

Days before the concert, there were rumors about the participation of these artists in the Maluma concert, so more people arrived in the capital of Antioquia, even without having a ticket for the concert.

The show marked a milestone, not only because of the number of attendees it had, but also because of the economic impact it implied for the city. The mayor’s office of Medellin said that the event achieved hotel occupancy reached 85% and revenues of more than 9 million dollars were produced for the consumption of goods and services.


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