Luisito Comunica presumed to have tried the ‘rotochela’ in Tepito: “The luxury that I am going to give myself”

Luisito Comunica presumed to have tried the 'rotochela' in Tepito: "The luxury that I am going to give myself"
Luisito Comunica presumed to have tried Tepito’s ‘rotochela’ (Photo: TikTok/@luisitocomunica)

The fever for the micheladas in Mexico does not stop and seems to have entered a competition to create an entire experience around it, first it was the famous liqueurs and from which all kinds of variations emerged such as the trasfuchela or the tutsichela, until the pitcherwhich also became a trend at the time.

This type of drink prepared with multiple sweet ingredients since its inception has become very popular throughout the population of Mexico City, such has been its success that this extravagant ‘chela’ has even reached the lips of various celebrities such as the protagonists of stranger things.

Under this context, the famous content creator, Luisito Communicates was given the task of trying the latest popular version of these prepared drinks, the rotchelaa michelada beer prepared to taste, but with the great peculiarity of being served in a container that has the shape of a small water tank.


A luxury 🤤🍺 #tepito #michelada

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It was through your account TikTok where Luisito Comunica presumed that he had already tried the rotochela, which just a few weeks ago went viral: “Look gang, no girlfriend, but look at the luxury I’m going to give myself… right now I’m going for Valentine’s Day, no ma*n”, can be heard in the background of the audiovisual material.

His avid followers of the 31-year-old businessman also quickly converted the video of the rotchela in topic of conversation: “Something good”. “Give me 1 to go.” “Luxury that few are given, congratulations.” “Las rotochelas my religion”, are some reactions recovered from the comment box.

This is not the first time that Luisito Comunica has been seen consuming with glasses in this way, because at the end of June he shared with his little more than 32 million followers on Instagram when he bought a container with those who make the pitochelas: “I bought a new glass ”, he described at the time.

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It should be remembered that throughout his career as a content creator, Luisito Comunica has taken on the task of sharing various dishes that he has tasted during his travels around the world.

In addition, it is important to note that apart from his life as influencer He is also an entrepreneur giving rise to various brands of food and drinks, such as his Gran Malo tequila brand; his telephone company Pillofon or his clothing brand Rey Palomo.

In the context of an entrepreneur at the end of July, Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, real name of Luisito Comunica, became a trend when his company Fasfu burgers opened a new branch in a the Anahuac University located in Mexico City.

Luisito shared, through his Instagram account, the aspect of the Fasfu branch that was installed in the Universidad Anáhuac Nortewhich was inaugurated at Easter and, said the youtuber, has positioned itself, which prompts him to open more branches in other universities.

Fasfu Burgers from Luisito Comunia at Rappi Peru.
Fasfu Burgers from Luisito Comunia at Rappi Peru.

Also, the content creator said be surprised by the segment of restaurants installed in universities such as Anáhuacso he identified a insight very important business for this segment of restaurants, that of operating local inaugurations in universities.

Fasfu Burgers is the fourth gastronomic project of Luisito Comunica, who a few months ago announced his opening through his YouTube channel. “I love hamburgers so much that I decided to pay tribute to them and build what is possibly the best hamburger place on the entire planet,” the Mexican youtuber said on that occasion.