Love and Friendship: 3 websites to send digital details and play as a couple

Love and Friendship: 3 websites to send digital details and play as a couple

Since customizable cards that express affection and remember emotional or funny moments, dedicate songs, among other gifts; these are websites Y Applications that will allow users to express their affection virtually with their partners

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the website of canvas offers a wide variety of customizable designs so that users can express affection to their partners on a special day such as Love and friendship. It only takes a little time and some creativity to find the perfect design that suits the couple’s tastes.

Love cards for couples in Canva (Capture)
Love cards for couples in Canva (Capture)

With designs available for couples who like video gamedogs, cats, food, cartoons, sports or music, personalization on this website allows each virtual card be different from another.

In order to start working on the digital detailusers only need to enter the website and create a profile with their email address. Google or account of Facebook and write the words “love”, “romantic card”, or “love and friendship” to find the right template for the person to whom it will be sent in JPG or PDF format.


For people who want to express their affection in a different way, the website of singerify It is focused on the automatic creation of custom songs to dedicate to the couple.

“Music is one of the best ways to tell someone you love them. It is pure sentimentality and allows us to talk about sensations that we cannot express in words. Therefore, there is no better way to show your love than through a song”, is indicated on the website.

Singerfy offers the possibility of generating personalized songs for couples.  (Singery)
Singerfy offers the possibility of generating personalized songs for couples. (Singery)

People who wish to use this service can do so for free by entering the Web page from ‘’ and clicking the “Customize your love song” button.

Users must choose who do you want to dedicate it to: boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife; what musical genre is the most suitable or preferred for the couple: romantic ballad, Spanish indie, rock for lovers or Latin pop. Finally, we introduce the couple’s namea nickname (from a limited selection), and the start date of the relationship.


The day of Love and Friendship is not only about having details and offering gifts, but also about strengthening the emotional ties of the couple and generating a solid relationship. That is why Paired is a suitable option to pass the time on this occasion and in the future.

Paired Application
Paired Application

Through this application, the couple will be able to “compete” to determine which of the two knows more details about the other person, have meaningful conversations on certain topics, among other virtual activities that reaffirm the union of both people.

Is apps has as part of its important characteristics the contribution of specialists to design each of the exercises, games and ‘trivia’ of couples to ensure that people can highlight the strongest points of the relationship and encourage the growth of areas in which it can be improved to have a coexistence healthier.

With the help of these free websites and apps to express affection in different ways, couples will be able to enjoy their day of love and Friendship with significant and personalized details in addition to the inevitable flowers, chocolates and dinners that make this celebration special.