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Loop LiquidCool: This is how Xiaomi will make its smartphones even cooler in the future

Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool

With the “Loop LiquidCool” technology, Xiaomi is back today with an innovation designed to prevent its smartphones from overheating. NextPit introduces you to the company’s new smartphone cooling system.

  • New cooling technology “Loop LiquidCool” officially presented
  • Maximum heat transfer capacity is increased by up to 100%
  • The first devices with this cooling system are expected in the second half of 2022

Today, on November 5, 2021, Xiaomi lifted the curtain, and new cooling technology for smartphones came to light. Xiaomi relies on classic vapor chamber technology, but optimizes it significantly! Since high-end SoCs repeatedly cause problems due to overheating, this is a really exciting innovation.


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Better cooling thanks to the one-way circulation

Xiaomi’s new technology has a circular heat pipe system made up of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, and gas and liquid lines. The Chinese tech giant explains how it works as follows:

“The evaporator, which is placed near the heat source, contains a refrigerant that evaporates into gas when the smartphone is under high load. The gas and airflow are then directed into the condenser, where the gas condenses back into a liquid. These liquids are absorbed and caught by tiny fibers in the refill chamber, which refills the vaporizer. ”

According to Xiaomi, however, it is the new form factor that ensures that the method based on VC liquid cooling works so efficiently and as a self-sufficient system. Up to now, gases and liquids have mixed in classic cooling because there are no separate channels. The special ring-shaped design is supposed to increase the air resistance by 30 percent and thereby increase the maximum heat transfer performance by up to 100 percent!

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Tested with the Mi Mix 4, expected for the Mi Mix 5

This is made possible by a Tesla valve – a one-way valve that lets the liquid through the evaporator while the gases cannot move in the wrong direction. Xiaomi has already tested this with a modified Mi Mix 4.


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Loop LiquidCool
The ring-shaped arrangement keeps the smartphone cooler / © Xiaomi

The original evaporation chamber has been replaced by the new “Loop LiquidCool” technology. To test it, there was a 30-minute gaming session with the game “Genshin Impact”, which we recommend to you as a graphics cracker in our mobile games article. The video settings were turned up to the full and the new cooling system at 60 frames per second ensured that the smartphone stayed below a maximum temperature of 47.7 degrees Celsius. The processor was 8.6 degrees cooler than the unmodified version of the device.

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An additional advantage of the new technology: the flexible form factor enables Xiaomi to be more creative when it comes to interior design. If this loop is arranged in a square, for example, space is saved that can be used for other components.


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According to Xiaomi, the first smartphones with this new technology will be launched in the second half of 2022. So it is quite possible that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 could be the first model to benefit from this new type of cooling.

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We’re excited because overheating is still a big problem in top-of-the-line smartphones. Are you equally excited? Let us know in the comments!


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