“Looney Tunes Cartoons” and “The Staircase”, among the most watched this week on HBO Max

The 5 most viewed productions in the second week of May 2022 on HBO Max. (HBOMax)
The 5 most viewed productions in the second week of May 2022 on HBO Max. (HBOMax)

Weekly hbo max He updates his followers with unpublished content, without downplaying the importance of classic productions. In this regard, it also informs them about its most watched series, movies, and documentaries, in order to keep them in the trend that the platform follows, so that they do not miss anything. Next, find out the most watched titles since Monday, among which a cartoon series from yesteryear managed to position itself.


#1: Las Bravas FC

Available from andMay 5fresh out of the oven, The Bravas F.C., ranks number 1 in the Top 10 of this platform. The fiction in which the Aztec star Mauricio Ochman plays another Aztec star is gaining fans; This is due to her story, which, although not completely original, has everything necessary to battle for this place in the weekly ranking of hbo max.


A story in which a team of women soccer players will fight against all odds to meet their goals, purposes of which a famous soccer player named Roberto Casas will be part of, who although not wanting to, life will join him in that process full of learning, new adventures and experiences to tell as they work together to make the Las Bravas team champion (mentally and physically).

#2: The Staircase


Production inspired by a real life case, which exposes the story of novelist Michael Peterson, accused of killing his wife Kathleen; starring British film producer and actor Colin Firth (The king’s speech Y The diaryof Bridget Jones), and the Australian Tony Colette (The alley of lost souls and the drama I miss you already)

The story became popular through a 2018 docuseries that premiered Netflix and now hbo max brought it back to life with a new version (with more material), available from the May 9 on the platform. The death of Kathleen Peterson was a well-known case in the United States in 2003, where after many trials and courts in between, Michael was found guilty of the murder of his wife, but in 2017 he was released when he appeared a declaration of alford’s guilt (doctrine by which a person pleads not guilty but understands and admits that there is enough evidence for the prosecution to find him guilty), reducing the charge to involuntary manslaughter.

#3: Looney Tunes Cartoons

"Looney Tunes Cartoons" shows the stories of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig and many more. (HBOMax)
“Looney Tunes Cartoons” shows the stories of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig and many more. (HBOMax)

Enjoy seeing the emblematic looney tunes and its crazy stories starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky the Pig and many more. This series tells simple and very colorful stories that will make you laugh until you drop and have endless fun. On the platform, the series has 5 seasons, the first being the longest, with 31 episodes.

The team behind this animated phenomenon is made up of Eric Baeza, jeff bergman, Bob Bergen, Fred Tatasciore, Candy Milo, Michael Romeo Ruoco Y Michael Ruoco.

#4: Batman

The story of the crime fighter, the Gotham City bat characterized by Robert Pattinson, continues to maintain its place within the weekly Top 10. And although from April 18th the fiction of DC has varied in its positions, it has remained one of the favorites for the family of HBO Max users.

#5: Superman and Lois

The story based on DC’s Man of Steel narrates that Clark Kent (Superman, the world’s most famous superhero) and journalist Lois Lane return to Smallville facing one of their greatest challenges: being working parents in today’s society of children. named Jonathan and Jordan. There they are reunited with Lana Lang, Lana’s husband, Kyle Cushing, and her daughter Sarah, when their idyllic life is turned upside down when ‘The Stranger’ enters their lives.

Within places from 6 to 10, in order they are: #6: Lakers time to win; #7: The Flight Attendant; #8: spree; #9: game of Thrones; #10: Venom: Carnage Unleashed.

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