Long YouTube videos can be converted to Shorts

New updates for YouTube Shorts
New updates for YouTube Shorts

Google on behalf of YouTube has enabled a feature for Android and iOS operating systems, which will allow converting long videos uploaded to the platform into YouTube Shortsthat is, audiovisual content in vertical format and of short duration.

YouTube Shorts is a way of consuming videos on the platform that was released relatively recently, with which influencers have been able to upload last-minute content and to watch in short periods of time, since These vertical videos must last a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of one minute.

This feature of short videos came to the platform due to the evolution in the way of consuming content on social networks, Well, the photos have gone into the background and the vertical videos are now the protagonists on all platforms. To this, the product director of YouTube Shorts, Todd Sherman, had defined this format as “a new paradigm and a new way in which creators can produce content.”

So far, the way to upload these short videos to the platform is very simple, since when any audiovisual piece is uploaded in vertical format and that lasts less than a minute, it will automatically be placed in the YouTube Shorts section.

Nevertheless, long videos can now be “duplicated” to be divided into no more than 60 seconds and placed in the shorts section, and the same editing tools that the platform already offers will be made available to those who wish to do this.

Likewise, in a publication from the Google help center, it has been indicated that this update seeks to give “a new life to classic content or offer creators a new way to create material to attract the YouTube audience”

Additionally, the developers of the new update have reported that now the editing possibilities are much greater, since, for example, if you select the part of a long video that lasts less than 60 seconds, with the YouTube Shorts camera you can record new additional scenes to accompany the short content, and you can also upload material that is in the gallery of cell phones.

However, this new option seems to have been developed to help content creators spread the new publications they upload, since short videos that present fragments of long videos will have a direct link to access the longer material.

It should be noted that this update is not similar to Instagram remixes, since the authors of the videos are the only users who have the right to fragment their own videos, and from the original account or channel where the content was uploaded for the first time. The option apparently is already available on Apple and Android phones.

Taking advantage of the fact that the instagram remixes have already been mentioned, the application that belongs to Meta has also made some updates to the remixes of its version of the short videos, which are the following.

Now remixes can be recorded with both cameras
Now remixes can be recorded with both cameras

More designs for the remixes

Currently when a remix is ​​made in the application, the screen is organized in such a way that the original video is presented on the left and the reaction to it on the right. With this new update, users will now be able to choose other ways to distribute the image among which is a green screen, horizontal or vertical layout and “picture-in-picture” to add the reaction video superimposed on the original.

Sequence reaction

In addition to showing the reactions at the same time with the original video, either horizontally or vertically, users can also do it in sequence, that is, the first reel will be played first and then the reaction.

But these are not the only new functions, since according to Instagram they want anyone to be able to freely express their creativity, that is why they are adding more tools to allow recording, editing and sharing content, all from the interface, these are the options that will be released .


If you need a little inspiration, the templates will allow you to easily create reels with pre-loaded audio and video placeholders, so simply add your own photos and recordings. To find all these available templates, you just have to touch the camera icon in the “Reels” tab


This new feature will let web surfers react to reels while recording new content. For this, you can record using the front and side cameras at the same time and thus share another perspective of the place where you are.

Now most of the videos will be reels

According to the app, Because reels offer a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos, in the coming weeks new videos posted that are less than 15 minutes long will be shared as reels. Video content published prior to this change will remain published in “Videos” and will not change to Reels.

greatest discovery

According to the application itself, now that practically all new videos will be reels, if they are published in a public account they will be suggested to a large number of users so that more people can get to know the content creator.