Livestream Shopping: the new e-commerce trend in social networks

Livestream Shopping: the new e-commerce trend in social networks

An Live Stream Business Shopping waves Purchases during a Live Stream will be one has returned world trend that promotes a new way of doing electronic commerce.

On the one hand, there is a format that everyone knows thanks to the social media and the channels of streamingthat even when they are not transmitted, add extra points to the purchase decision and more, in response to a current reality: By 2022, 82% of content consumed is through videos, according to Forrester.

On the other hand, many extras replicate and develop the shopping experience: in real time, giving a certain sense of opportunity through offers and promotions created for the moment, live interaction maintaining contact with connected people and entertainment through creativity, gamification, the use of the profiles of the content creators who promote it and everything that is to come.

Because if there is one thing that is clear, it is that the world is facing a format with many possibilities in the medium term. Although Livestream Shopping is considered the evolution of the famous telemarketing, its digital evolution has the following features that make it much more innovative and attractive for electronic commerce:

– Massive: the direct sales format constantly attracts the attention of new customers; the dynamism and the form of purchase improves the experience of people. In addition, the specialized platforms for this type of event act as a great exhibition, with access to thousands of people around the world.

– Hosts: live events have different types of presenters depending on the strategy that you want to execute, although these are usually traditional hosts or influencers renowned in social networks to give great impact to the event. However, product workers and specialists who act as presenters are also often clearly presented to provide more accurate information to consumers.

– Online purchases: through which you can buy directly the products exhibited at the event. In addition, the strategies usually bring great benefits to the users of the content, such as: discounts, promotions or bonuses.

– Seller and buyer interaction: this is one of the most important contributions of Livestream Shopping, as users can continuously ask questions or make comments in real time about products, offers and how to consume them. The presenter answers and clears doubts during the event, brings the product closer to the public and profits from business participation.

– Diversity: Livestream Shopping is already enabled and can benefit any type of business and sector; there is no limit to one or the other. Thanks to the ease of access provided by the Internet, this format can be used in businesses of all kinds, even for people who only want to sell products that they no longer use, for example.

This is how brands or influencers can be prepared to make live sales

Livestream shopping doesn’t just mean putting a person on camera to sell, but being able to convey the brand’s message.

Creativity is the limit, and just as it happens with TikTok, It does not take a lot of production to have a large number of visits. These are the main recommendations of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

– Companies or individuals must have a strategy of how they will use this type of technology to generate valuable content and achieve your business goals.

– Take advantage of statistical tools to measure your performance and find what type of content works best for your audience.

– The strategy must go hand in hand with a deep knowledge of the public you are targeting and find the ideal partners to reach those consumers

– Generating a large audience beforehand is necessary for the success of a live event.

– Before implementing it in the sales strategy, it is better to educate the audience about Livestream Shopping, so that they know its benefits and how to use them

Among the greatest advantages of these technologies is the increased conversion margin to 34% and the reduction of the customer’s journey to go to the company and/or the seller’s home. It is also a great advantage for influencers, who will be able to secure their profits and will be motivated to continue promoting the products.