Home Entertainment Live-action Knights of the Zodiac: see trailer and more details

Live-action Knights of the Zodiac: see trailer and more details

Imagem de: Live-action de Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: veja trailer e mais detalhes

On Wednesday, the official trailer for the film was released. Knights of the Zodiac. Although the official translation of the Japanese feature has not been released so far, it is expected that it will be titled Knights of the Zodiac: The Beginning.

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Check out the trailer released this morning below, which shows more details of the live-action of the beloved anime franchise:

The film is scheduled for release on April 28 in Japanese theaters. However, it has not yet been announced whether it will be distributed around the world. Considering the success of the anime in Brazil, it is to be expected that the film will arrive here eventually.

The story

As you can see in the trailer and the official synopsis released, the premise of the story will be basically the same as the anime. “Five young warriors from across the globe are recruited to be the Knights of the Zodiac, an elite cosmic force dedicated to protecting the goddess Athena and planet Earth.”

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As in Japanese animation, one of the biggest highlights of the film is expected to be due to the action sequences. From the trailer, you can see that the feature will be full of them.

Pegasus’ armor was revealed in the trailer. (Source: Toei/Disclosure)Source: Toei

cast and crew

The live-action film is directed by Tomek Baginski. In addition to him, the film’s stunt director is Andy Chan, responsible for the fight choreography of the famous actor Jackie Chan and Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten RingsMCU movie.

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Mackenyu will live the great protagonist Seiya de Pegasus. The cast of actors also includes Famke Janssen, who will play a female version of Guraad. Saori, the reincarnation of Athena, will be played by Madison Iseman and her protector, Tatsumi, by Mark Dacascos. Also, Sean Bean will play Alman Kido, Saori’s grandfather. Finally, Nick Stahl will play Cassius.

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