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Listen to the radio on an iPhone if you can and without creating accounts

Listen to the radio on an iPhone if you can and without creating accounts
Users only have access to these features if they have an internet connection. (photo: Five Days)

One of the basic characteristics of the cell phones of any type of companies and manufacturers is the ability they have to capture radio signals as part of their built-in functions, so it is possible to use them to listen to this type of content live without having to go to Internet.

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For devices manufactured by Manzana Like the iphone it is also possible to take advantage of the availability of this type of content from Free access so that it forms part of the options that users can listen to, although unlike the mobiles of Androidthese do require access to Internet.

Although connection establishment is required, any of the available methods of listening radio on devices iphoneeven in the most recent models, they are all free to access and therefore do not require subscriptionsadditional payments or any other type of transaction. These are some of the ways in which you can listen to the radio:

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Third-party applications to tune in to local radio stations

Because iPhones do not have within their Applications some pre-installed that can enable listening radio AM or FM, users will have to go to some that do allow the reproduction of this type of content. A positive aspect of this situation is that due to this, the platforms do not limit their content to a geographic location rather, it offers a more diverse set of stations that covers different countries.

TuneIn Radio App
TuneIn Radio App

TuneIn Radiofor example, is one of the most common applications for listening radio with a iphone and offers more than 100,000 stations AM and FM radio with content live and belonging to several countries, so it will be possible for people to listen to songs and programs that are broadcast in other parts of the world without having to pay for access to them.

Plain Radius is an application similar to the previous one, although it has a more limited amount of radio content offered, which in this case is up to 50,000 stations which can be accessed through Internet. Despite the fact that the stations are fewer and that this platform does contain a set of functions available in a paid version, its content can be explored without making a transaction additional.

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Another such option is RadioAppwhich not only allows the broadcast of content from radio free of charge for people, but also has the ability to recognize the songs that are listened to and offer their name to users in case they want to listen to it again at a later time.

Siri can connect with local radios

A second alternative to listen content of spokes in the iphone is to use the assistant of these devices to play the programs available locally from the application of Apple Music, although this form is limited as it will be necessary for users to indicate the exact name of the radio they wish to listen to. Otherwise, users will not have access to the content of the stations.

Apple's Siri.  (photo: Today at Apple)
Apple’s Siri. (photo: Today at Apple)

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Siri can perform the search on command of the users, although the search tab of the application can also be used Musicwhich does not present any difference in access to radio content since it would be the same platform.

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