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List of the most used streaming platforms in the world

YouTube and Netflix among the most used streaming applications of 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

One of the services most common to which users of Internet can join and in which they can consume content either for free or through a paid subscription, are streaming applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+among other.

That is why in the document entitled State of Mobile 2023created by the market analysis company, has determined which of these platforms are preferred by users around the world and in particular, those who live in a country in the American continent.

In the case of statistics related to the number of downloads that each of the platformsit can be indicated that worldwide YouTube occupies the first place in this category, followed by NetflixMX Player, Prime Video and Disney+ to complete the five most popular.

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Most downloaded streaming applications in Latin America according to's State of Mobile 2023 (Capture)
Most downloaded streaming applications in Latin America according to’s State of Mobile 2023 (Capture)

However, in the case of the Latin American countries that appear in the document, the results are different since the platforms of streaming by subscription as in the case of Mexico, in which appear VixNetflix, Disney+ and HBO Max in the first places,

A similar scenario can be found in other countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru, where the services of Star+ and Netflix are among the top positions followed by Disney+ and HBO Maxalthough in the case of Chili the third position is occupied by Pluto TV.

All the previously mentioned platforms require the linking of a account or profile to use its services, in addition to access to a credit card to generate the monthly subscription process that each of these applications requests.

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However, State of Mobile 2023 presents a notable difference in the category of platforms of streaming that generate higher revenue. While in the first category Netflix and Star+ were the most downloaded, Disney+ and HBO Max have generated greater collection through their system of subscriptions.

Streaming applications that generate the most spending by users in Latin America according to's State of Mobile 2023 (Capture)
Streaming applications that generate the most spending by users in Latin America according to’s State of Mobile 2023 (Capture)

Even in countries like Colombia and Argentina, the second application that generates more spending by consumers is Youtube. Other positions in different countries are occupied by Star+, Paramount+, which had not appeared in the previous category, and even the platform streaming Japanese anime, crunchyroll it ranks fourth in Argentina and Chile.

However, globally, the platform that generates the most revenue through Payments made by subscribers or consumers is YouTube, which surpasses Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, among others services of the same category.

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In the case of live streaming applications where you can find streamers and content creators Bigo Live It is in ninth place in earnings at the worldwhile in the breakdown by country the first application of this style to appear is Youtube (which comes second) and then twitch in sixth position in countries like Mexico and Chile.

Both Argentina and Colombia rank this popular content creation app at number 8 and 7 respectively, while the Peruvian public decides to invest their money in consuming content on Trovo, a very similar app.

In the global count, an application that appears in the list but not in the one that corresponds to the countries of the Americas is hulualso owned by Disney and that can be contracted jointly with Star+.

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