List of Fortnite new weapons for season 1 of Chapter 3

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, organized an online event to officially close Chapter 2. Dwayne Johnson led players on an adventure against the queen of the pyramid, which began to infect the Battle Royale map.

As expected, Fortnite has completely changed with the first patch of season 1. Not only does the map have new locations to deploy, but missions have been enabled and weapons have also been tweaked.

Dataminers have leaked some of the changes coming to shotguns and rifles. As detailed in their reports, some of the weapons did more damage than they should and others were on the opposite side.


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☑️ Increased the accuracy of the Striker Pump Shotgun.
☑️Slightly increased the fire rate of the Striker Pump Shotgun.
☑️ Decreased the amount of time it takes to pull out the Auto Shotgun.

– Fortnite News & Lakes (@FBRsections) December 10, 2021

These are the Fortnite new weapons

  • Increased accuracy on the Striker Pump Shotgun.
  • Slight increase in the rate of fire for the Striker Pump Shotgun.
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes to remove the automatic shotgun.
  • Decrease the environmental damage of the MK-Seven assault rifle and make it less accurate when firing from the hip.
  • Slight increase in damage and moderate increase in accuracy of the Ranger Assault Rifle.
  • Increased the healing speed of Guzzle Juice.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Spider-Man will be a playable character this season with Marcus Fenix ​​and Kait Díaz, both characters from the popular Xbox Gears of War saga.

Character outfits:

  • Marcus Phoenix: He had retired from the army of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but returned to battle for his son.
  • Kait Diaz (includes Orange Winter style)– It used to be against the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but now it is part of the COG army.


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  • Sonic Resonator Retro Backpack (sold with Marcus Fénix outfit)– Created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to map Sera’s underground tunnels.
  • Reyna’s Retro Hanging Backpack (sold with Kait Díaz outfit): a family heirloom of mysterious origin.
  • Shattering Mace Pick: Locust shell fragments attached to a motorized rotating staff.
  • Thumper Peak: it was used to summon the sowers on the surface.
  • Pick Ax– Originally created to cut rock worm meat and also COG.
  • Skiff glider– Take in the elements with this fast wind-powered land vehicle transformed into a glider.

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