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Linkin Park used artificial intelligence for the video of one of his best songs

Linkin Park used artificial intelligence for the video of one of his best songs
Emily “Pplpleasr” Yang is the artist behind the direction of this project.

As a tribute to his album meteor, Linkin Park published an unpublished song with the voice of the late singer Chester Bennington and for the creation of their video they will use artificial intelligence, in addition to the direction of Emily “pppleasr” Yang and Maciej Kuciaradigital artists of NFTs.

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This album is one of the most important of the band, since it reached 16 million copies sold in 2003 and that is why after two decades they will release a special edition, in which the song Lost heads the list of novelties, including technology that is in trend at the moment.

“For years, fans have been asking us to release something featuring Chester’s voice, and I’m delighted that we were able to make it happen in such a special way. I think your jaws will drop when you hear and see all the amazing previously unreleased songs and video footage on Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition,” said co-vocalist, Mike Shinoda through a press release.

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The AI ​​behind Linkin Park

That the digital environment is close to the band is not a novelty, shionda is a fan of Web3 and has published several projects in the field of NFTs, investing in works, collecting them, contributing money to companies such as the streaming music application Audius and an NFT mixtape called Ziggurats.

Therefore, his entry into that environment allowed him to know the work of Emily “Pplpleasr” Yang and Maciej Kuciaraco-founders of the video platform Web3 Shibuyawhich allows users to purchase NFT Producer Passes to choose content that will be featured in the video.

Emily "Pplpleasr" Yang is the artist behind the direction of this project.
Emily “Pplpleasr” Yang is the artist behind the direction of this project.

One of those projects is White Rabbitwhere it appears Mirai, a character that is part of the video for ‘Lost’, the recent song published by Linkin Park. Although for now it is not known if the band will venture into the NFT market after this launch.

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Additionally, for the elaboration of the members of the band in the video, we used kaiber.ai, an artificial intelligence that allows you to generate video. “An impressive fusion of animation and AI, it is a monumental moment in the art of visual storytelling and for our talented team,” the platform published about this collaboration.

For the elaboration of the video, not only content was generated with this tool, but also the animations made by ppl please and his team, reaching a style very similar to the design seen in anime series and movies.

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The band’s video was directed by an NFT artist.

MusicLM, artificial intelligence to create music

Google unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) to generate audio files via text descriptions. The name of this tool is MusicLM and for its advertisement a large part of its forms of use were shown.

For its operation, the system is trained with a storage of 280,000 hours of melodies, from there it generates the content that is requested by someone based on the description of a phrase, situation and many options.

MusicLM is a model that generates high-fidelity music from text descriptions such as ‘a relaxing violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff’, its developers explain on the official AI page.

But in addition to creating composed songs, he also has the ability to create melodic pieces by whistling and humming to the rhythm that is called for.

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