Home Android Linetta can have a lunette on her arm again

Linetta can have a lunette on her arm again

Linetta can have a lunette on her arm again


The most striking feature of Samsung’s smart watches is the bezel that can be rolled around the edge of the watch face – if only one of the current models has one, because it just didn’t exist last year, and especially in the case of the more durable Galaxy Watch5 Pro, the easy, precise scrolling with one or two fingers was missing. It is also true, of course, that both the mechanism and the ring take up space, so it is understandable that it missed out on a couple of smaller models before. Ultimately, however, the virtual solution is never as accurate as the real one.

Many people missed the bezel on the edge of the massive Watch5 [+]

SamMobile heard the other day that the Watch6 Pro will receive the appropriate bezel, but today four other models were discussed, among which the Watch6 Classic 42 and 46 millimeter editions can have a winding screen, while the Watch6 The 40 and 44 millimeter versions do not. There are still a few months until the models and their features are clarified, after all, they are expected to be announced around the bendable screen product update – for our part, in any case, we support the return of the physical aid for easy scrolling.

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