Lindsay Lohan winks at ‘Mean Girls’ in her first photo after giving birth

Like so many other performers, Lindsay Lohan He has a film in his career that has been crucial in his life. And she’s fond enough of him, it seems, to give him a fond wink after a moment she’s so proud of herself. The movie, of course, is Bad Girls, and the moment is the birth of Luai, the daughter you have had with your partner Bader Shammas.

After the birth of the little girl, who came into the world in Dubai on July 17, Lohan (36 years old) posted a photo on Instagram with a message that fans of Cady and their companions they’ll catch right away.

“I am proud of what this body has been able to achieve during these months of pregnancy and, now, of recovery. Having a baby is the greatest joy in the world!” wrote the actress. And she went on to refer to her outfit, a set of underwear designed for women who have just given birth: “Because now I’m not a normal mom: I’m a postpartum mom.”

It is a reference to the mother of Regina George (Rachel McAdams), that lady in a tracksuit who serves non-alcoholic cocktails to her daughter’s friends while her chihuahua bites her silicone nipples.

The character, played by Amy Pohler, stars in one of the highlights of the film, crowned with his quote “I’m not a normal mom: I’m a cool mom.”

Thus, Luai was born under the sign of one of the best high school comedies in history, premiered 19 years after she was born. Hopefully, over time, the young woman will acquire good habits like wearing pink on Wednesdays.

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