Linda Hamilton joins the fifth season of ‘Stranger Things’

Since it started, stranger things It has been characterized by paying homage to the iconography of the 80s from various fields. The very typography of the title refers us to the novels of Stephen King, as does its story of kids on bikes dealing with the supernatural. But he has also wanted to pay special attention to the films produced during this decade, which led to the initial signing of Winona Ryder with regular paper. then they came Sean Astin of the goonies and robert englund of Nightmare in Elm street.

The latter was dropped in the fourth season, and last aired so far, which Netflix and the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer They conceived as a great event. This season, right now the most watched series in English on Netflix, came in two volumes, with the duration of some chapters exceeding two hours. How could the fifth season, conceived by its creators as the last, surpass it? Well, intensifying the eighties iconography, and signing Linda Hamilton for a new role.

During the event TUDUMheld in Brazil this Saturday, Netflix has presented numerous news about its upcoming release, including the final season of stranger things. It is then that the Duffers, in the company of their collaborator Shawn Levi (close friend of ryan reynolds having done with him Free Guy, The Adam Project for Netflix and the next Deadpool 3), have revealed to the media that the new chapters will incorporate Hamilton for an unspecified role, continuing the tradition of eighties faces.

And it is that Hamilton is, evidently, Sarah Connor. She has played this action heroine in Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the recent Terminator: Dark Fate. For now, it is the most striking thing that is known about the next chapters, without a release date having been released and only with the progress of the creators. The Duffers, thus, are very conscientious that season 5 concludes the arcs of all the characters satisfactorily: “We have so many now, most who are still alive…”

“It is important to close those arcs, since many characters have grown since the first season. So it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their travels and also tying up these loose ends and doing our final revelations”, the Duffers conclude.

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