Linda Blair (‘The Exorcist’) remembers William Friedkin: “My director, friend and protector”

filming of The Exorcist it was not an easy experience for Linda Blair. And yet, the actress has reason to fondly remember the director William Friedkin, since it was thanks to his role in the 1974 film that he is guaranteed a place in cinema history.

After the death of the filmmaker at the age of 87, and as his fictional mother Ellen Burstyn already did, Blair has paid tribute to the director in a lengthy Instagram post (via Deadline). In her message, the actress recalled how intense it was to live that experience at the age of 13, and the kind gestures that a director who did not stand out precisely for her good treatment of her actors had with her.

“As in the famous film of Sydney Poitier, To Sir with Love [Rebelión en las aulas en España]How do you put your appreciation for the person who changed your life forever, and the world into words?” he begins. He continues: “Billy Friedkin was a revolutionary who thought outside the box, a genius with an incredibly daring personality and extraordinary imagery that electrified his colleagues and audiences, and he was a true unclassifiable throughout his career in the film industry.”

Likewise, although Blair still bears physical consequences of the filming of The Exorcist to their 64 years old, he prefers to stay with “the revolutionary special effects that made my performance something impressive and unforgettable.” And he also thanks Friedkin for his conduct at the premiere: “He fiercely protected me from the maddening crowds that reared their ugly heads on opening day of the film.”

“He was my director, my friend and my protector”, summarizes. “Meeting him was an honor, and right now I am very sad. He changed my life forever, as well as the world, through my work, and all the performances throughout my career.”

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