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Lina Tejeiro: “I feel that ‘Un rabón con corazón’ is my first film, in every sense”

Lina Tejeiro:
The popular Colombian actress, Lina Tejeiro, spoke with Infobae about her character in the film that she co-starred with Andrés Castañeda.

A tail with a heart tells the story of Cheo Martínez (Andres Castaneda), a bitter, rude man, unloved by his neighbors and always ready to make life impossible for others. But his unpleasant attitude will change when Carolina Rico (Lina Tejeiro) burst into his life and make him change his point of view, by the force of love.

In addition to the protagonists, Tejeiro and Castanedaother notable Colombian actors complete this cast: Álvaro Bayona, Carmenza Cossio, Juan Pablo Barragán, Ana Jaraba, Julio Pachón, Lina Castrillón, Diana Belmonte and Manuel Navarro. The production was carried out by Dago Garcia Productions and Cine Colombia, with the support of Caracol Televisión and Amazon Studios.