Like “House of Paper” and “Squid Game” rolled into one. Netflix reveals release date and teaser for “House of Paper: Korea”

The original House of Paper officially ended in 2021, but Netflix couldn’t and didn’t want to slaughter this golden egg-laying hen so easily. That’s why he decided to create a spin-off set in South Korea. The series simply called “House of Paper: Korea” looks like a combination of the Spanish series with the equally cult “Squid Game”. When is the premiere?


The final episodes of “Paper House” debuted on Netflix, and we will already get the spin-off “House of Paper: Korea”. The last season of the popular production did not knock anyone off their feet, but five episodes in December garnered good reviews . Nevertheless, many people were relieved that the “House of Paper” had come to an end. The platform pressed the lemon to the last juices, and in fact it should have closed the story of the Professor and his team much earlier.

When it became clear that “The House of Paper” would not last long, Netflix had to decide what to do next. Fortunately for him at that time the whole world was conquered by the Korean series “Squid Game”and the answer came by itself. “Why not combine our two most popular non-English language series into one idea?” I can almost hear one of Netflix’s high-ranking employees shout the words. I have no doubts that this is how “The House of Paper: Korea” was born.

House of Paper: Korea – Release date and teaser:


The footage, which lasts a total of 40 seconds, begins with the camera raids on another mask of the Professor’s Korean gang. Then we see the entire crew dressed mostly in the iconic red overalls. In the background, there is a narrative about the thief’s life. According to the speaker (probably the Professor), a criminal stealing pennies gets a bullet in a chase or goes to sit. Therefore, it is much better to make the biggest leap in history and become the hero of the nation.


The first reactions to the announcement of the premiere among Polish viewers are somewhat mixed. There is no shortage of “House of Paper” fans who are still not fed up with and will be eager to watch everything Netflix releases under this banner. However, there are also opinions that “House of Paper: Korea” looks like a cheap discount. And according to some people, the thieving series should have already taken a well-deserved retirement.

“House of Paper: Korea” will debut on June 24. Only on Netflix.

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