“Lightyear”: A Science Fiction Adventure Story Inspired by “Toy Story”

“Lightyear”: A Science Fiction Adventure Story Inspired by “Toy Story”

Lightyear trailer. (Pixar/Disney)

Andy had a favorite toy named Woody. Until one day he saw a movie that made him a fan of another character, none other than buzz lightyear. For that reason they bought him that doll that ignored his status as such. This week’s premiere Lightyearshows us the child’s favorite movie from toy story.

Lightyear he is a space ranger committed to his work. His motto is to never leave a mission unfinished. He and his fellow guardian, Alisha Hawthorne, arrive on a strange planet that turns out to be a trap full of danger. Both, along with the entire crew of the ship, will be stranded there. Lightyear he assumes responsibility for that event and from there he will assume the responsibility of, at any cost, getting everyone out of there.

The main character is different from "Toy Story".  (Pixar/Disney)
The main character is different from “Toy Story”. (Pixar/Disney)

The main character is different from toy story, because although he has humor, his adventures are more dramatic and therefore more serious. In the English version he no longer has the original voice performed by Tim Allen, but that of Chris Evans, known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel movies. There is nothing wrong with this difference, rather it is another way of differentiating itself from the 1995 feature film. It is important to always keep in mind that the buzz lightyear she was an entirely comical character, marked by the absurdity of not understanding that she was a toy and staying in the role of the film.

Lightyear is a kind of offshoot and prequel that seeks to renew one of the most beloved franchises of pixar. After three excellent films of toy story, the fourth had shown some exhaustion and it was time to leave that path. It is almost certain that buzz lightyear I end up having a trilogy and Woody and Jessie having their own movies one day. When characters are so beloved and do so well at the box office, it’s almost impossible to resist. But it would be desirable for them to look a little more like how we knew them.

"Lightyear" has already been released in theaters in Latin America.  (Pixar/Disney)
“Lightyear” has already been released in theaters in Latin America. (Pixar/Disney)

the closest thing to toy story what appears here is soxthe companion robot assigned to Lightyear. This character brings the wacky, light-hearted humor of the original films while also bringing some levity to a story that turns serious at times. His presence is one of the fundamental pieces to establish a connection, however small, with Toy Story. Then the film shows its ideological update of diversity and integration, which has made many countries cry out loud. Some, the most intolerant, have decided to ban or censor scenes from the film. Something unacceptable, because the film does not give any cause for scandal. And if he contributed it, of course, he would not justify those reactions either.

The sequels may get a little closer to the heart of toy story, partly because they would no longer have the obligation to re-introduce the character and explain it. Of course there are many surprises and details for fans of the franchise, but none of them will be anticipated here so as not to spoil the show. The phrase “To infinity and beyond…” which is Buzz’s emblem, is from the beginning, for a reason it was engraved on Andy’s toy. But here he is not a toy, he is a hero in the permanent quest to complete his mission. The obsession that will be the mark of him later, even when he is bought in a supermarket.

The closest thing to "Toy Story" that appears here is Sox, the robot companion assigned to Lightyear.  (Pixar/Disney)
The closest thing to “Toy Story” that appears here is Sox, the robot companion assigned to Lightyear. (Pixar/Disney)

Lightyear It is already in all theaters in Latin America.