LG tests 6G with stable transmission

5G is still “in its infancy” in several countries, but South Korean LG has again been successful in data transmission and reception tests with 6G Terahertz (THz). This is yet another significant step forward for the commercialization of the sixth generation of mobile networks in urban areas, although forecasts indicate that commercial implementation will only begin in a few years.

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Recent tests with 6G THz were carried out using frequency bands from 155 GHz to 175 GHz, while the current 5G operates in the sub-6 GHz spectrum and above 24.25 GHz. Thus, sending and receiving data with the new mobile network format took place stably at a distance of 320 meters in the open air.

Furthermore, the reference cellular coverage with base stations was at a distance of about 250 meters outdoors. With this, LG concluded that the technology has great potential for performance in indoor and outdoor urban environments.

Despite leaving the mobile sector, LG continues to invest in mobile networking technologies (Image: Bloomberg/SeongJoon Cho)

Changes in signal amplification

The new tests with 6G THz show a considerable improvement compared to the demonstrations in August 2021. At the time, wireless transmissions took place at a distance of 100 meters in a straight line using the frequency between 100 GHz and 10 THz.

According to the report released by LG, the technicians used a multi-channel power amplifier with an output of more than 20 decibels per milliwatt (dBm) to increase the signal area. This change was over 5dBm compared to previous tests.

The South Korean company also mentions having used a low-noise receiver amplifier, minimizing the generation of interference in signal reception.

For industry researchers, the sixth generation of mobile networks should operate in frequency bands from 95 GHz to 3 THz. In addition, data transmission rates of 1 Tbps and response time below 100 microseconds are estimated.

Further details on 6G THz testing will be released by LG later this month (Image: Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji)

Launch of 6G THz should take place after 2029

For the recent demonstration, LG applied 6G THz technology to new modules developed by the brand. According to the South Korean company, the platform has a high capacity to be manufactured as an integrated circuit and will facilitate future commercialization.

So, the company predicts that the first meetings on the standardization of 6G networks should take place in 2025. However, the technology should only be commercialized and become available to ordinary users from 2029.

Finally, LG is expected to release the full report on the new test with the sixth generation of mobile networks at the 6G Grand Summit. The event on new wireless communication technologies will take place at the LG Science Park in Seoul on the 23rd of September.

Source: Fonerena

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