LG Rollable appears in hands-on video after company discontinues the project

LG Rollable appears in hands-on video after company discontinues the project

Rumors leaked in 2021 pointed to the possibility of LG entering the flexible smartphone market with the launch of the “LG Rollable”, a device that received international certifications, but which had its project discontinued after the manufacturer ended its worldwide operations in the cell phone market.

According to past speculations, the device would come equipped with a 6.8-inch display that could be expanded to 7.4″ by enabling scrolling, corresponding to a 40% increase in the usable area. This technology differs from the adopted model. by Samsung in its folding, opting for a vertical (Flip) or horizontal (Fold) hinge.

At that time, images and concept videos came to show the operation of the supposed LG Rollable, however, the content was created from 3D renderings of the device. This week, the Android Authority portal released a hands-on video showing the engine’s design, construction and operation in full.

Evidently, the cell phone shown in the video was not acquired in official stores, being just a prototype of LG’s rollable device. According to the post, the screen is extended after enabling Full mode, a feature in which the opening mechanism expands the size of the display horizontally.


Although the device appeared in a real video, it is worth remembering that the development of this idea was officially canceled after LG ended the production of cell phones, as explained above.

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