Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous phrase in ‘Titanic’ that was out of the script and is already movie history

There are times when some movie lines they instantly become movie history. “I am your father”, “I testify to God that I will never go hungry again” or “We’ll always have Paris” have earned a place in the collective memory of viewers, as has recently happened with oppenheimer. Who knows something about memorable lines is James Cameron, which also has three of the four highest grossing films in history in Spain.

One of the films with the most iconic film phrases in the entire filmography of the Canadian, who rules out making a film about the tragedy of the Titan submarine, is titanic. And in the more than three hours of transatlantic adventure, there is time to many anthological dialogues. But what few people know is that probably the best known of all, as has happened with Cillian Murphy in Nolan’s tape, was not previously written in the script, but rather it was improvised.

DiCaprio didn’t want to say it

James Cameron has revealed in an interview for the program Movies That Made Mefrom BBC Radio 1, that the iconic phrase that Jack says as soon as he gets on the imperious ship, “I am the king of the world”, It was the director’s own idea. “I made it up right there. He was up in the basket of a crane and the light was running out. We had tried many things and many lines, but nothing was working” says the Canadian.

“I was looking resigned and I said (to Leonardo DiCaprio): ‘say you are the king of the world, raise your arms, be in the moment, love and celebrate,’ I told him so,” says Cameron, who acknowledges that the actor was reticent at first: “He said ‘what?’ He was speaking to me walkie talkieand I repeated the phrase, I told him to sell it well”.

James Cameron directing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the set of ‘Titanic’

Leonardo DiCaprio finally did say the phrase and it became one of the most famous lines of all the history of cinema, reflecting the euphoria of a, until then, unlucky Jack, who was embarking on the journey towards a new life, but who would finally be the worst of fortunes for young Dawson.

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