Leonardo DiCaprio calls Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro “his cinematic fathers”

One of the first roles that made known Leonardo Dicaprio was Life of this boy. Here Robert De Niro He played his father, and later spread the claim that DiCaprio was one of the great performers of his generation. It happened before Titanicwhich would turn the young man into a superstar, and before Gangs of New York. Which would mean, in 2002, the first time that DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese They worked together. It is very likely that De Niro had an influence.

The Scorsese/De Niro entente had already been decisive in the beginnings of Marty’s career, and another preceded it: that of Scorsese himself with DiCaprio. The actor has worked with this filmmaker since then in The Aviator, Shutter Island, The Departed and The wolf of Wall Streetbeing the recente The assassins of the moon a very special occasion because De Niro also accompanies the duo there. Marty’s two fetish actors, finally together in a film by the director. As expected, DiCaprio greatly enjoyed the experience, and interviewed by Entertainment Tonight has showered both De Niro and Scorsese with praise.

Consider both your “cinematic father figures”. “It’s hard to put it into a few words, other than to say that he has been a cinematic father figure to me, just like Mr. De Niro,” says the Oscar winner for The revenant. “I have admired them as the great duo of my generation when it comes to cinematic achievements. All my actor friends and I have studied his work and his films, so being able to now make six films with Marty and 30 years later, after my first leading role, the three of us collaborating has been amazing.”

“As far as Marty goes, what can you say about him other than he’s a true national treasure? He continues to make bold, independent films, even if they have a huge budget. It’s a seminal artist of the history of cinema, and I have no words to express how much I have learned from him,” concludes DiCaprio, who in The Moon Killers share poster with Lily Gladstone as well as with De Niro.

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