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Lenovo ThinkPhone on high-quality renders

Lenovo ThinkPhone on high-quality renders

Lenovo may introduce a new brand soon: ThinkPhone. The phone will inherit the familiar black and red colors of the design of ThinkPad laptops, and hopefully also the durability and repairability of the machines. The Evan Blass obtained and shared by the higher-quality renders than previously seen, it is clear that the Motorola team has been working on the ThinkPhone. Like the Moto X40 that debuted in China this month, the ThinkPhone will be made with squarer edges and a flat display. The front camera is located in a hole cut in the middle of a display, which presumably will not have a cover that can be pushed away by hand, as in laptops. The back panel will at least be made of carbon fiber, if what Blass claims is true, and will receive IP68 protection.

Render images of the ThinkPhone.Render images of the ThinkPhone. Render images of the ThinkPhone. (source: Evan Blass) [+]

The phone’s specifications include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 128, 256 or 512 GB of storage. The display can be a pOLED panel with a 6.6-inch diagonal FHD resolution, which can refresh at 144 Hz. On the back of the phone, there can be a 50 MP optically stabilized main camera, a 13 MP ultra-wide and a 2 MP auxiliary unit, the resolution of the front camera is predicted to be 32 MP.

Lower quality renders from the phone.Lower quality renders from the phone. Lower quality renders from the phone. (source: Liliputing) [+]

On the software side, you can expect the main version of Android 13, but it is still questionable what extra functions will be added to it. The battery is the standard 5000 mAh battery, to which 68-watt fast charging and 15-watt wireless charging will be added. The price or the release date are not yet known, but it would not be a surprise if CES hosted the premiere.

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