Lenovo demoed a Motorola with a stretchable display

Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo, is holding its 2022 Tech World conference in the next few days, where in addition to new hardware, prototypes were also shown, one of which is a rollable, flexible OLED display that the company would incorporate into phones and laptops.


The moment of opening.

In the short video, it is clear that the concept is similar to the LG Rollable, but here the display would not extend horizontally, but vertically, so that a 4-inch diagonal, equipped with a relatively chunky aspect ratio, but small compared to today’s dimensions, can become 6.5″ at any time. -and. The display folds up at the bottom of the phone when not in use, and you can pull it out by pressing a button. Or – according to the video – the software itself would be able to increase the size of the display if it perceives that the displayed content requires it. In the demo, this was presented by playing a YouTube video.


Lenovo would also use the technology in laptops, this concept can also be seen in the video. Whether this will ever become a purchasable product is a good question. In any case, Lenovo has been developing in this field for years, and currently the company is present in the competition of devices with bendable OLED displays with the ThinkPad X1 Fold laptops and the Motorola Razr phones.

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