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League of Legends releases Renata Glasc teaser: the Chimobaroness, the new champion

League of Legends Renata Glasc teaser

A few weeks ago it had already been leaked that the new champion of League of Legends would be Renata. However, her abilities and her interactions with the other characters in the MOBA were not known. With the arrival of a new month of 2022, Riot Games has shared the first Renata Glasc teaser.

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As usual, Renata will hit the PBE or test servers in just a few days after the announcement. There you can test her skills and also enjoy her first skin: Renata Admiral.

It is a League of Legends support that has quite offensive abilities. Normally, you’d expect support to provide a shield or heal, but Renata can buff allies’ attacks and even revive them.


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Renata’s abilities

Advantage (Passive): Rena’s attacks mark enemies and deal bonus damage. Damage dealt by allies consumes the mark to deal additional damage.

handshake (Q): Fires a missile from the robotic arm that immobilizes the enemy hit. Reactivating the ability will send the enemy in a target direction.

Bailout (W): Renata can buff or buff an ally to gain movement speed and attack speed. Taking out an enemy or assisting in a takedown this way will reset the time of the skill. In case the ally dies, he will revive for a short time.

Loyalty Program (E)– Launches projectiles that grant shields to allies and deal damage and slow enemies.

Hostile Takeover (R): Renata releases a cloud of chemicals that affects enemies, causing them to go into a state of rage. In this state they gain attack speed and will hit anything near them. Enemies in this state will target their allies preferentially.


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Renata may be one of League of Legends’ first “evil” enchanters. Although most champions from Zaun have a bit of an dark streak, don’t they?

What do you think about the League of Legends Renata Glasc teaser ? let us know in the comments.

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