Last “real” pixel: Google is supposed to launch Pixel 5a on August 26th

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According to rumors, Google will launch the Pixel 5a on August 26th. The Lite version of the Pixel 5 comes with the same camera setup and a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with 90 Hertz. The introduction of the Google Pixel 6 a few days ago also shows that those who still want a “real” Pixel should look forward to the 5a.

  • Google Pixel 5a is said to be unveiled on August 26th
  • This is the Lite version of the Google Pixel 5 with the same camera
  • The Pixel 5a offers some pixel features that the manufacturer drops in the Pixel 6

Pixel 5a release date

Google seems to be getting its hardware to fall into full swing this year! Because in addition to the first information about the Google Pixel 6, the manufacturer will soon also introduce the Pixel 5a. The page Frontpagetech quotes insiders in this regard, who assume a release on August 26th.

Pixel 5a release date, Google pixel 5a
This is what the Pixel 5a should look like! / © Voice / Montage: NextPit

It is not yet clear whether Google will organize a launch event for this. Frontpagetech only writes that the device will be available in Google’s online shop and also in the Google stores. The price of the cheaper version of the Pixel 5 is said to be 450 US dollars, i.e. around 380 euros. A cost that is sure to increase in this country.

Google Pixel 5a Specs

The specs of Pixel 5a include a 6.4-inch display, which, according to Frontpagetech, creates a refresh rate of up to 90 Hertz. Google uses the Snapdragon 765G as the SoC and the battery achieves 4,650 mAh. As we already know from past rumors, there are also a few pixel-typical features.

For example, the Lite version comes with a 3.5-millimeter jack and a back made of polycarbonate. In addition, Google will probably use the iconic fingerprint sensor on the back one last time and the typical 12-megapixel sensor will also be used here. Because according to the report, Google will use the same camera setup as in the Google Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 6: The last ‘real’ Pixel?

The Google Pixel 6 will mean a turning point for Google, as the Pixel devices should make the leap from the upper-middle class to the smartphone upper class. In terms of price, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will also be more in the range of 800 to 1,000 euros ($940- $1170 USD).

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio, Google pixel 6
Google is taking a bold step with the Pixel 6! / © Google

An exciting step that has so far received a lot of praise in the media. Nevertheless, there is a tight-knit community that loves Google’s smartphones precisely because of features such as the fingerprint sensor on the back. And for them, the Pixel 5a is an interesting device despite the rather “boring” hardware. All the more annoying that Google will probably only sell cell phones in the US and Japan.


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