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Lapsus$: Teenager who lives with his mother is the mastermind of massive hacks

They recently became known cyber attacks against big technology companies like Microsoft, NvidiaOkta, an ecommerce platform, among others, by hackers from the group slip$who according to the researchers are teenagers, and the mastermind is 16 years old and lives in a modest house with his mother.


Not long ago it was reported that Lapsus$ had managed to infiltrate several companies. His ravages were described by some media as a ‘historical hack’ by extract a 1 TB of sensitive data. After making all the chaos, they have made themselves known data on the peculiar group that made the technology companies lose designs, source codes.

Due to the magnitude of the attack, many imagined that the group of hackers was made up of experienced adults, however, it was a surprise that, according to Bloombergare teenagers and the mastermind is 16 years old and “lives in his mother’s house” in England.


“Researchers suspect that the teenager is behind some of the major attacks carried out by Lapsus$, but have not been able to conclusively link it to all the attacks that Lapsus$ has claimed,” he says. Bloomberg.

Likewise, cyber investigators have used forensic evidence from the hacks and public information to link the teenager, whose name remains unrevealed as he is a minor, but he is known by the aliases of “White” and “breachbase”. Because of his age, he has not been singled out by the police for any crime.


Another of the suspicious members of Lapsus$ is a teenager who lives in Brazil. Investigators found seven unique accounts associated with the hacking group, indicating that other people are likely involved in the group’s operations.

According to people involved in the investigation, the minor is so skillful and quick to hackwhich initially made them think that the attacks were automated and not executed by a person.

Lapsus$ hacks to companies have been so varied and sarcastic, that they have even joined Zoom calls from companies that have transgressedwhere employees and consultants trying to clean up their hack have been mocked.


Microsft, one of the affected companies, acknowledged that it was a victim of Lapsus$ in a blog post, where they explained that the group has embarked on a “large-scale social engineering and extortion campaign against multiple organizations.”

The modus operandi main of the group is to hack companies, steal your data and demand a ransom for not disclosing it. Microsoft tracks Lapsus$ as “DEV-0537″ and said the group has successfully recruited insiders at victim companies to assist in its attacks.

The group suffers from poor operational security, according to two of the investigators, which allows cybersecurity companies to gain intimate knowledge of teenage hackers.

“Unlike most activity groups that remain under the radar, DEV-0537 doesn’t appear to be covering its tracks,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “They go so far as to announce their attacks on social networks or publicize their intention to buy employee credentials from target organizations. DEV-0537 began targeting organizations in the UK and South America, but has expanded to global targets, including organizations in the government, technology, telecommunications, media, retail and healthcare sectors.”

The teenage hacker’s personal information in England, including his address and information about his parents, was posted online by rival hackers.

A journalist from Bloomberg, who interviewed a woman who identified herself as the child’s mother. For about 10 minutes they talked through an intercom system with a buzzer. The house was described as “a modest terraced house on a quiet side street”.

The woman said she was not aware of the allegations against her son or the leaked materials. He said he was upset that videos and photos of his home and the home of the teen’s father were included. The mother said the teen lives at that address and had been harassed by others, but many of the other leaked details could not be confirmed by the outlet.

They say he refused to discuss his son in any way or make him available for an interview, saying the issue was a law enforcement matter and that he was contacting police.

(With information from Bloomberg)

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