La Mars returned to school after leaving high school in 2015: “Now I am a student”

This is what La Mars looked like when he stopped studying high school and his claim recording went viral (Twitter/@tecnologydemono)

The popularity of Marcela Aguirrebetter known as The Marsemerged around 2015 due to a viral video, in the recording, he pointed out many errors in the educational system, so decided to drop out of high school. At the time, he said that it was a “pin… retrograde system” that did not allow him to be happy or successful in life.

Although for a time she dedicated herself to being a content creator on YouTube, recently she herself said that she earns a large amount of money selling photos of their feet on the platform onlyfans and when asked what he spends his income on, He revealed that he is still studying.

“I was asked a while ago what I spent my money on (from onlyfans) and I told them that I was spending it on gossip: my gossip is my tuition”, he mentioned in the most recent edition of the walkera program of EXA FM.

The native of Mexicali I was 16 years old at the timeHowever, the announcement was a great surprise for the followers of the content creator and other Internet users, since his decision seemed final at the time.

In the same program, the content creator explained that she is studying Literature: “Now I’m a student”. Apparently, The Mars decided to go back to school because he got bored with his activities, at his young age, cI was starting to feel like I wasn’t busy enough and he had already had the opportunity to fulfill his dreams, so he only needed to train professionally.

Marcela Aguirre, better known as La Mars, is now studying Literature (Twitter/@revistabocetos)
Marcela Aguirre, better known as La Mars, is now studying Literature (Twitter/@revistabocetos)

“Since I started onlyfans I discovered that I had a lot of free time, and when such a sudden success comes to you you need to keep yourself busy or you will go crazy. I had many months of ‘I already fulfilled all my dreams, I don’t know what to do anymore’ and I fell into depression as if ‘Everything I thought I was going to achieve in the next 40 years of my life suddenly appeared right now,’” he said.

Just because you stopped studying doesn’t mean The Mars has stopped learning or reading, because earlier this year, he boasted on his Instagram account that he had read more than 50 books during 2021.

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This announcement comes after it was revealed who her mom is, many netizens might think that probably The Mars did not have enough supervision in his family, however, his mother is another internet star.

During the social isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic, an account called TikTok became popular. Mom’s tips, in it, a woman gives advice to adolescents to have a better relationship with their parents and at the same time, obtain benefits.

To queries of the type “How can I go out every weekend?”, “How do I get them to let me get a tattoo?” either “How can I bring my boyfriend home?”, the Mom’s Tips account proposes to generate agreements and all kinds of creative strategies to obtain said permissions. For two years, the user became popular and was even nicknamed The Internet Mom.


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A couple of weeks ago, already in 2022, Marcela Aguirre uploaded a video titled My mom is a TikToker, which surprised Internet users who no longer remembered her video leaving school and also caused the great astonishment of the user’s more than 2 million followers @tipsdmama_, some of the comments were “Is she really a mom from La Mars? Now everything makes sense”, “I can’t believe she’s La Mars’ sister” and “I don’t know if I trust his advice anymore”, in reference to the 2015 action, since he allowed his daughter to drop out of school.

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