La Casa de Papel Korea: part 2 gets trailer and premiere date; Look

Netflix revealed last night (11) the first teaser of part 2 of the first season of La Casa de Papel Korea🇧🇷 In the preview we see the group, led by Professor, in action as they rob the Korean Mint.


The Professor’s original plan begins to fall apart when the heist, predicted to be over in a short time, lasts for days and draws the attention of the national media. Check out the trailer:

  • Berlin: La Casa de Papel spin-off series gets teaser with characters

Furthermore, it was also revealed New episodes premiere date: December 9, 2022🇧🇷

The cast will feature the return of Yoo Ji-tae as Professor, Kim Yunjin as Inspector Woojin, Park Hae-soo as Berlin and Jun Jong-seo as Tokyo. Lee Won-jong, Park Myung-hoon, Kim Seung-o, Kim Ji-hun, Jang Yoon-ju, Lee Joobeen, Lee Hyun-woo, Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-ho round out the cast.


The 6 episodes of the first part of the season are available on Netflix.

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