Kondzilla on partnership with Netflix after Tune in: ‘never again’

Brazilian producer Kondzilla, owner of the largest YouTube channel in Latin America, said he will never work with Netflix again. Konrad Dantas – his real name – was the creator of the series tuningone of the most successful Brazilian series on streaming.


He spoke about it at the Web Summit, a technology event that takes place in Lisbon. “If this kind of business was the same as music, I would participate in the results, in the royalties from Sintonia. But now I work with other channels and I’m happy to have recognition. I don’t ever want to work with Netflix again”, he said to the audience present.

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Although he did not reveal the reason for the disagreement, the producer commented that he did not “receive even a thank you email” from the platform for Sintonia. “The series goes on, but I’m not involved with it anymore,” KondZilla said.


second column of Globethe producer reportedly said that “a lack of alignment of interest” between him and the streaming company would have caused his departure from the project.

Among KondZilla’s new plans is the film Escola da Quebrada, which will be released by Paramount+ in early 2023. In the feature, he will work as an executive producer.

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