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Knights of the Zodiac: youtuber finds never-before-seen adaptation of the series

Imagem de: Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: youtuber encontra adaptação nunca vista da série

With the new trailer for the adaptation of Knights of the Zodiac released this week, the title was even more in evidence by the public in recent days. And now, to the fans’ surprise, a ‘lost’ American adaptation of Knights of the Zodiac it found🇧🇷

The project in question would be called Guardian of the Cosmos and was ‘discovered’ by youtuber Ray Mona, who was also known for finding a lost live-action sailor moon🇧🇷

Ray explained that he found the fit when looking for the pilot of StarStorm, another live-action from the animation. The youtuber published the opening in a video on her channel; check out:



In addition, Ray also said that he found other live action projects that did not go ahead. Dragon Ball🇧🇷 gundam and Godzilla🇧🇷

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new live action Knights of the Zodiac


Knights of the ZodiacO will win a new live-action, scheduled for 2023 – still no confirmed date. The cast includes JJ Jr. Mackenyu in the lead role, Madison Iseman and Sean Bean.

Launched in 1986, the manga published by the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, was a huge success and has loyal fans to this day. The story follows five young warriors who must protect Saori Kido, reincarnation of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. For this, they use inner energy and the cosmos, and their armor is inspired by constellations and Greek mythology.

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