Kirby and the Lost Land: Nintendo unveils the launch date and a new trailer

Nintendo has finally revealed the date that will mark the great return of Kirby on Switch: Kirby and the Lost Land will come on the hybrid console of Kyoto house next March 25.

The announcement of the official date was accompanied by the publication of an unreleased trailer, in which the abilities of Kirby and the unpublished scenarios that will be the backdrop to this new adventure, which arrives precisely on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the series, were shown. The title, we recall, is presented as a 3D platformer that will allow you to explore a completely unknown world until now and will see Kirby committed to saving the Waddle Dee who has been kidnapped and transported to this new reality.

Here we will also find the City of Waddle Dee hub, in which we will also be able to participate in many mini-games and access some online features, such as the possibility of knowing which are the most used skills and the number of Waddle Dee saved globally. . In addition to Kirby’s classic abilities – which we remember copying those of the enemies he absorbs – there will be some new additions to his repertoire: the Drill and Scout copy abilities.


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Drill allows you to dive into the ground and attack enemies from below with a massive blow, while the Scout skill allows you to see distant enemies. Kirby may also have a co-star over the course of the adventure, allowing a second player to join the journey as a Waddle Dee Helper using a second Joy-Con for the local multi-player. We leave you to the new trailer that shows the news in action!

 Kirby and the Lost Land only supports local multiplayer on a single machine. Each player in a multiplayer game must have a suitable controller. Online gaming necessitates the use of an internet connection. To access online services, you must first register a Nintendo Account and agree to the terms of the applicable Agreement. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy is in effect. Some online services might not be available in every country. Online gaming necessitates a paid membership service.

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