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Keys to save battery on the cell phone while using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the messaging app that most people use on a daily basis to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues. Nevertheless, use too many Applications it will definitely drain the battery of the mobile more than one would like.

Currently, there are several methods that can help fix this problem. Which? TechMarkup will explain everything in detail in this article.

If sometimes users have wondered how to save battery life by using WhatsApp on their mobile deviceyou may know that it is easier than you think, because the app itself provides native features that will help to do so, both in Android like in iPhone.

The process of performing this trick is really very simple to reduce the power consumption of the application of the smartphone.

The autonomy of a smartphone is essential for day-to-day With this simple trick you can activate it in just 30 seconds.

So you can save battery while using WhatsApp

All or almost all WhatsApp users configure the dark mode just because it looks better than light mode. This mode improves the visibility of the interface in dark environments and it also saves battery. But what some people don’t know is that there is an even darker mode.

In case there is someone who still does not know how to configure the dark mode on their cell phone, so it can be activated:

– The first thing is open the app on the phone.

– Go to the application menu button. It is the icon of three points vertical located at the top right.

– Click on ‘Setting’ Y ‘chats’

– Tap on the option that says ‘Topic’.

– And finally, choose the option ‘Dark’.

Black is the color that requires the least resources to render and white is the most, which means that if you have a background where white dominates, it will use more battery power. Black may not be the prettiest color, but it consumes less battery. In addition, the view does not suffer so much

This is where the Brightness of the screen. The lower the brightness, the less battery consumption. In fact, if the smartphone screen is OLED or AMOLED, black pixels will be off, so using darker colors and less brightness will improve performance.

Battery saving is directly proportional to the number of hours WhatsApp is used during the day, but lowering the screen brightness helps a lot.

The function wallpaper brightness of WhatsApp can be found in the settings. The steps to reduce it are:

1. Open WhatsApp on the cell phone.

2. Click on the three vertical dots located in the upper corner of the application.

3. Press on Settings > Chats > Wallpaper.

4. In this place, you can not only change the background image of the image to the user’s liking, but it can also be made to the default image is less bright.

5. In the lower part you will be able to glow bar which can be moved to the right. The further to the right it is, the darker the background becomes.

Usually, black is the color that requires the least amount of resources to render and white the most. This means that if you have a mostly white background, you will consume more battery. If you move the bar to the right, you will get a black background color.

Other options to reduce battery consumption when using WhatsApp are turn off the sound or vibration of the notifications that are received and disable automatic file download.


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