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Keaton on The Flash: What does it mean for Pattinson’s Batman?

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Michael Keaton returns as Batman after 31 years in the trailer for The Flash caused confusion in the minds of Dark Knight fans. What would that mean for the Matt Reeves trilogy, whose Batman is played by Robert Pattinson?

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Short answer: the two stories belong to different universes. Complex answer: they indicate how the DCU intends to realize the reboot in its cinematic universe.

Under the direction of Andy Muschietti, scenes from The Flash shown at Super Bowl 2023 show the timeline effects generated by Barry Allen’s attempt to prevent his mother’s death.

As a consequence, a new reality is created and we see two Batmans on screen, Ben Affleck’s masked hero (presented in Justice League) and Michael Keaton’s former Batman (last seen in Batman Returns).

DC Studios and Warner Bros. have made it clear that The Flash’s adventures in his solo film won’t alter Matt Reeves’ plans to retell the caped hero’s story. His trilogy takes place in a universe parallel to that of Zack Snyder.

the continuation of The Batman will remain Robert Pattinson wearing the mantle of defender of Gotham and focusing on their personal conflicts.

Why is Robert Pattinson not in the Flash movie?

The multiverse decision allowed DC to make a partial reboot of comic book adaptations without affecting the project under development with Reeves.

In this way, it is possible to continue with the characters that stood out at the box office and critics, such as the films of aquaman, Wonder Woman It is shazam.

Who will be the Batman of the DCU after The Flash movie?

In addition to the two projects with Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and Robert Pattinson, DC Studios has already warned that there will be a new Batman for its next era. However, the company’s CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, not confirmed who will be the actor who will star Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

What is known so far is that the narrative will tell the saga of Bruce Wayne training his biological son Damian as the new Robin.

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